I left the company about a year and half after we started - both the brand and marketing organization were solidly founded, and it was ready to move on to other things.  Sadly, the company closed its doors about two years later.

Here is just a small sampling of the work -
Some samples of our digital presence.  Solavei.com (top), Twitter (middle), and Facebook (bottom).
This is a piece that I concepted early on to bring to life what we were trying to do as a company.
Some more branded assets: debit card (top), SIM card (second), and phone packaging. Solavei offered 3 different handset models when we launched.
Sonic branding - this was the ringtone we created that came as the default on all Solavei branded handsets.
Our tagline was 'powered by relationships'.  I wanted to bring this to life in an intimate way for employees - the back panel of each card was customized with the names of that employee's family and friends, as well the rmeaningful role each played in their life.
The brand platform was the very first thing I wrote when we started. And over the following month, it continued to evolve as we designed our app and developed marcoms.
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